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Start With The Basic – Drink 8 Glasses of Water Everyday

Water is the most important element of nature, the source of life of every living things on earth. Specially humans who need to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. It is possible that you could get health problems if you’re not drinking enough water. It is said that an average person needs to drink at least 8 glasses of water to meet the daily requirements but in truth, the amount of water intake depends on the body size, climate, and if you exercise a lot.

Just yesterday, I started drinking 8 glasses of water. I’m one of those people who can survive even drinking a little water everyday. I think they call those people as camel drinker. For camels can go on for days or even months with little or no water at all. It doesn’t need a lot of water for it gets the moisture from the food they are eating. But I’m not a camel, am I? 🙂

The healthy benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water everyday:

1) Cleanses your body inner system.

2) Relief from stress.

3) Weight loss.

4) Glowing and healthy looking skin.

5) Promotes good digestion and regular elimination.


I’m thinking of doing water therapy but I’m still not ready for the big thing. I’m still on a warm up with this weight loss program and there’s no need to rush everything. I had already made some drastic changes before and it do no good for me. This time, I’d like to take it slowly but surely. 😉


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